Whether you’re looking for a SIM deal that is the best in all areas or just in one like data or usage abroad, we’ve highlighted the best SIM only contracts for you.

Latest Discounts & Offers

We want to keep you up to date with all the latest promotions on SIM Only Contracts that are being offered so check out what’s available below:

Network Offer Offer Details End Date
Three Online Exclusive 8GB + 600 Minutes for £12 (WAS £18). 15th March 2017
Three Double Data Double Data on selected 12-month SIMs. Including 8GB + Unlimited Minutes for £20. 31st March 2017
Three Online Exclusive 4GB for only £9 a month. Normally 2GB. No Feel at Home or Personal Hotspot. Ongoing
BT Online Exclusive 3GB for £8 (existing BT Broadband customers) / £13 (new BT Broadband customers) with a £30 Amazon or iTunes voucher.. Ends 16th March 2017
Vodafone Data Extravaganza 8GB for £17 a month / 20GB for £20 a month / 25GB for £25 a month Ongoing
Plusnet Double Data 4GB + 1500 Mins for £10 and 2GB + 1000 Mins for £7.50 a month. Ongoing
Virgin Mobile Triple and Double Data Deals 6GB for only £12 and 8GB for only £15 a month For a limited time only

Best SIM Only – All rounder

The best SIM only deal in our opinion is the Virgin £12 SIM. It’s great in every department giving you 2GB of data and 5000 minutes. It’s a 1-month rolling contract so you can cancel at any time too. It also comes with 4G, Free Facebook and WhatsApp messaging and data rollover.

Compare this to other deals from giffgaff and Three at the £12 price point and you’re getting up to 2000 more minutes and much more added value.

Network Minutes Texts Data More Info Monthly Cost
Virgin 2500 Unlimited 6GB Triple Data Offer (Now 6GB). 4G + Data Rollover. FREE WhatsApp & Facebook Messenger usage. £12 per month
Three Unlimited Unlimited 4GB Online Exclusive Offer £10 per month

Best SIM Only Deals with Unlimited Data

Giffgaff’s unlimited Internet SIM deal includes 4G and free calls to other giffgaff users. There’s no monthly contract, you can top up when you want and pay with a recurring direct debit for simplicity.

Three’s unlimited data SIM only deal includes using the data allowance as a personal hotspot (tethering) in addition to Feel at Home abroad where you can use your allowance in 42 countries worldwide including the USA, Australia and most of Europe. This is great for frequent travellers who want mobile Internet abroad at a low cost. *Note Tethering is UK only.

Network Minutes Texts Data More Info Monthly Cost
giffgaff Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited £20 per month
Three 200 Unlimited Unlimited Feel at Home Abroad £24 per month

On the other hand you may not need unlimited data but still need a significantly large amount. In this case, look to Vodafone and Virgin for a 20GB data SIM-only deal from just £22 a month.

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Best Value SIM Only

There are lots of great value SIM only contracts that provide an abundance of call time and data at a relatively low cost but here we will also consider other benefits of the deal that may provide added value to you as a customer.

Our top 2 SIM only deals for best value:

Network Minutes Texts Data More Info Monthly Cost
O2 Unlimited Unlimited 10GB 10GB for £20 a month. £20
Vodafone Unlimited Unlimited 25GB Plan includes: 4GB Roaming + 12 months FREE Entertainment. See below. £25

Although O2 tend to be a little bit more expensive than other networks, they offer terrific value for money with O2 Priority Offers. This gives you priority access to entertainment events, discounts on the high street, restaurants and other services. Our current favourite is the £1 lunch.

We’ve already mentioned Three’s Feel at Home Abroad that allows you to use your UK allowance whilst roaming so it’s only fair to give Vodafone some credit for introducing similar roaming capabilities in 40 European countries. The maximum amount of data is you can use abroad is 4GB which is still a considerable amount for a holiday.

Vodafone’s great value SIM includes your choice of entertainment Free for 12 months. You can choose from Now TV, Spotify and SKY Sports. Given that these subscriptions can cost a small fortune, these are great value packages for your mobile entertainment and can save you hundreds of pounds if you already use any of these services.

Best SIM only for Super Fast Internet.

It probably goes without saying that EE wins this round. They offer double speed 4G on selected tariffs which is the fastest around. Coverage is also excellent in major cities. Maximum download speeds are up to 60Mbps however, we always say to “throw caution to the wind” when it comes to these figures as actual speeds can vary depending on many factors and an average of 20Mbps is probably more likely. New analysis by Root Metrics has place EE top of the charts in all departments including reliability, call & data performance. Three and Vodafone are both closely following and O2 are improving.

EE now also comes with 6 months Free access to both BT Sport and Apple Music. You will be automatically subscribed to these services though so if you don’t wish to continue after the 6 months then it would be wise to remove it at the end of the free period. Double speed data tariffs start from £17.99. There isn’t a huge amount of data available on these tariffs so if speed isn’t of great importance then we suggest sacrificing it for a cheaper alternative.

Top deal for Super Fast Internet:

Network Minutes Texts Data More Info Monthly Cost
EE Unlimited Unlimited 2GB 6 Months Free BT Sport App and Apple Music £17.99 per month

Best SIM only with Unlimited Calls

You won’t find it difficult to find a SIM only deal with unlimited minutes. There are plenty to choose from and unlike data, unlimited calls are available on almost every network.

One of the cheapest deals is on BT where you can get unlimited minutes for only £5 per month. This is only available to existing BT customers. For new customers it is £10 per month.

If you want unlimited calls on a 1-month contract then you might have to stretch a little bit further. Vodafone offer a deal that is just £19 a month but with only 1GB of data. If you need a lot of minutes but not quite an unlimited amount if might be worth considering a deal that offers thousands of minutes instead. Typically these offer more data and at an even lower cost.

Deals from Virgin offer good value in this range.

Network Minutes Texts Data More Info Monthly Cost
BT Unlimited Unlimited 500MB Existing Customers only. £5 per month
Virgin 2500 Unlimited 6GB Triple Data Offer (Now 6GB). 4G + Data Rollover. FREE WhatsApp & Facebook Messenger usage.. £12 per month

*4G not available on these plans

Best SIM Only for International Roaming Abroad

As mentioned already in this article, Three is just awesome for international roaming and using data abroad worldwide. They now let you use your UK monthly minutes, texts and data allowance in 42 countries across Europe, the United States, Australia and Hong Kong too!

So, if the Three SIM only plan you choose gives you 4GB of data, that means you can use 4GB when abroad. No more searching for Wi-Fi when out and about. Share your holiday snaps instantly. Use Google Maps to navigate your way around. In fact, Three estimates that if you are using 2GB+ of data abroad then you could save more than £80.

Key benefits include:

  • Calls and texts to UK numbers within your monthly allowance
  • All data usage within your allowance. All-you-can-eat data is capped at 12GB however.
  • Free to receive calls and texts from UK (don’t forget to add +44 when calling or sending texting back to UK)

Fore more information visit Feel at Home – Three

Best Deal for Roaming:

Network Minutes Texts Data More Info Monthly Cost
Three Unlimited Unlimited 8GB WAS £18. Includes Feel at Home Abroad £15 per month

Can’t find what you are looking for? Try comparing all SIM Only contracts and finding the best deal for your needs.